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      Unban request Lizleat

      Ingame Name: Lizleat
      Steam_ID: STEAM_0:1:46379107
      Ban Date : 2013-04
      Game Mod : Counter-Strike: Source

      Tell us how you got banned :

      I wanted to play on a community server in CSGO when it said that I got banned by Smacbans.
      So i checked it out on this site and it seems to happened like 4 to 5 years ago. To be honest i have no idea what or why it happend back then,
      but i guess you can understand that i cant remember. Anyway it is a fact that i never used cheats in any way - i neither have VAC nor any other bans (except this one).

      If you could enlighten me that would be great!
      Hello LizLeat and welcome to SMACBans.com

      Your Ban reason is :

      Source Code

      1. L 04/15/2013 - 16:36:59: [smac_eyetest.smx |] Sarenrae (ID: STEAM_0:1:46379107) was banned for tampering with an old movement command (buttons). CmdNum: 2087 | [0:8]

      Your Ban was back in 2013 and the logfile says that a hack tried to use outdated commands of a NoSpread / NoRecoil Hack.
      NO PM Support / Pls write all questions into the forum.


      Admin Team
      Thank you for the information.

      Is there any chance on a false positive?
      Because back in the day (when i played CS:S) most of the time I played on surfmaps, climbmaps, etc. or rather on maps not involving competition, so where you dont have to shoot..
      and that is why I dont know why i would need NoSpread/NoRecoil.

      Would you examine the incident for me?
      Id be glad if that were possible, otherwise thanks your help.