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    Unban Request

    Ingame Name: Pylz®™
    Steam_ID: STEAM_0:1:41794859
    Ban Date : 2. Aug 2011
    Game Mod : Counter Strike Source

    Tell us how you got banned : Ok so when I first played CSS I was still very young because it is more than 7 years ago so my friends and me cheated and therefore got VAC banned which we did not know that this could happen (which may sound stupid). So we made a new steam account and bought CSS again but now we knew that we will not cheat. This is my account now which is not VAC banned, but as I discovered today when I tried to join a community server, that I am SMAC banned. After I have checked that I was banned because of Aimboting is was seriously confused because I am 100% sure that I have never touched any cheat on this account even when I was young. Then I have checked my steam ID on google and saw that when I was banned my name was "User". This was when I remembered that I was once hacked on my new account. So I logged into my mail account and searched for "Steam Support" and scrolled to the bottom and what I found was two emails with the steam support and the title "Hijacking of my Account". I have sent them on Tuesday the 2nd of August and got the reply 2 days later and got my account back on the 5th of August. So what I think happened was that the guy who hacked my account either wanted to use it for his aimbot or to get me VAC banned which he apparently not succeeded on.
    I hope my situation is understandable and that I can get unbanned.

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