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      SMACBans failed

      HI @ all

      If you were on our Page for the last few weeks you always got the Message that our Forums was down and we will be back shortly. We will try to explain you what happened in the last few weeks. So what happened ?

      Our tech guy who was doing his weekly maintenance services was trying to update the OS of our root servers, don´t knowing that the latest update was not compatible with other services. After downloading the update our server was not able to come back.

      Oh oh .. he thought. Well thats not a problem so far. We have hundreds of Backups. While he was trying to check out the latest Backups he saw, that all Backups were 0 Kb files.
      Oh oh ..... seems bad .. we can at least make a mysql dump and save the latest point of the database.

      At this point our tech guy started getting nervous because the database was full with corrupted files. Our Admins tried to repair the corrupted database and we also got external help but everybody failed at least. It was not possible to rescue the data of our Forum. :thumbdown:

      All other services like the blocking System etc. were not affected at anytime. All services were up.
      It`s a new start for our Forum.

      Let the games begin.
      NO PM Support / Pls write all questions into the forum.


      Admin Team